World of Logs guide?

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World of Logs guide?

Post by JuanMaddox » Fri Oct 16, 2020 3:05 pm

I am looking for a current guide on what all the info means.

Every guide I find is way old and doesn't have alot of the new info that I don't understand.

Mostly I am trying to figure out perf %, ilvl % & then on the rankings page the rank % & bracket %

My raid is all being upset that these numbers are low often in the 20s-30s or lower, about half at around 10. No one is above 50.

We just started raiding last month. We cleared emerald dream and trial first run through on normal. We have cleared nighthold on normal twice. We pretty much one shot every boss, we one shot guldan. Our average ilvl is 891 We are about to start heroics. We just hadn't yet because we wanted to get used to running together.

I honestly don't care. I am a healer (and my numbers are in the 90s for those so... lol) as long as the bosses are dying I don't see why it matters. But I run the logs & all of the dps are bugging me about it. Some are super upset and thinking they suck....

I would just like to know what it means so I can tell them and if it is an issue help them, if not ease their minds.

Thank you so much for any help! <3

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