Recommended Color Hair

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Recommended Color Hair

Post by lovenova » Thu Nov 19, 2020 7:31 am

The first color hair : 613 Hair
The 613 hair color is a sexy hair color. After dyeing, it will have a sense of fashion and a sense of classic, which feels that this girl instantly changes a style. If a person has a blonde hair color on the street, I think she will attract the attention of the people next to her. So what kind of blonde hair color will be popular in autumn?
lLong straight 613 hair
Long hair originally gives people a very imperial feeling, and the 613 blonde color gives people a simple and neat, and reveals a sense of cold and noble, which makes the girl's fashion up!

l613 Blonde curly human hair bundles for sale
Curly hair will show a person's mature, and the addition of blonde color will make people look more layered and create a different beauty.

lShort blonde hair
Short hair gives people a neat, young and energetic feeling, and 613color gives people a fashionable and advanced feeling. Therefore, the combination of the two gives people a feeling of advanced, fashionable and energetic.
So, if you want to try cheap lace fronts, this one is perfect for you, and I believe there will be a style that suits you. What are you waiting for, just choosing it now.
The second color hair : 99J Hair
99J is a warm color, very suitable for autumn, and it is a perfect combination with fashion.Whether you are yellow or black skin, this hair color is very suitable. So, for this burgundy hair color, what hairstyles are there?

lLong straight burgundy red
The more casual burgundy hairstyle is very simple, the long straight shawl is distributed on the shoulders, creating a casual style of street masters, this hairstyle is more natural.

lBurgundy curly hair
Wine 99J with natural curly hair gives people a bright feeling of lazy and sexy.

lBob burgundy hair
BOB 99j bundles is easier to care for. Girls who like short hair don't want the color to be too bright. Simply put it behind their heads and go out with European and American style clothing to show their styles. Mature girls can also try red hairstyles like this. Cool short hair and trendy hair colors will keep you fashion.
Girls who like dark colors, especially those with healthy black skin, should try red hair color. Just like Rihanna’s skin tone, a darker skin tone will allow you to interpret the burgundy wig human hair well.
The third color hair : #27 Hair
This hair color of 27hair is also more popular this year. It is a darker hair color than 613 blonde and belongs to the same hair color. If you are worried that the golden color is not white enough, then this 27 is more suitable for you, this hair color is more metallic.

l27 Long Hair
Girls with long hair, do you think black hair is a bit dull? Do you want to dye your hair a beautiful color? If you haven’t decided what color to change, choose this hottest 27. It is especially warm in the sun, especially suitable for girls with yellow skin. They have a natural hair style that is younger and whiter, and the long curly hair is the most fashionable and attractive. It also modifies the face, making it easy to show a small face.

The four color hair : Ombre Hair
This hair color is very suitable for sisters who are pursuing fashion and being different. This color is composed of two different hair colors, giving people a bright feeling.
 If you think a color is too monotonous, you can choose this one, which will make you look more fashionable and lively.

The five color hair : Highlight Hair
This hair color is also a mixture of two colors, one color is the main tone, and some other hair colors are highlighted on the original basis. This is suitable for sisters who don't like too much hair bundles cheap mixing.
 There are a total of five hair colors for you to choose from. If you don't know what color to dye, you can go to supernovahair to choose a wig that suits you and try it.

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