World of Logs Mobile App (iOS)

World of Logs Mobile App (iOS)

Postby dasfool » Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:39 am

World of Logs is an app that allows you to easily view World of Warcraft raid parses that have been uploaded to the World of Logs website.

Current Functionality:
-Choose from many guilds
-View damage reports
-View healing reports
-Toggle pets and other sources
-Toggle raw and effective DPS/HPS
-Copy URLs to clipboard
-View detailed information on each player's spells including: damage, healing, debuffs, and buffs

***Please note, I have no affiliation with the World of Logs website. They were kind enough to give me their blessing to release this app, but they had nothing to do with its creation, nor its upkeep!***

The majority of the work on this project was done over the winter break of 2012 as an educational experience. I have decided to release the product for everyone. I hope you enjoy it!

You can send questions, comments, and concerns to me through the app from the "about" page.
"Main page" -> "Settings" -> "About" -> "Send Feedback"

If you love the World of Logs iOS app, please check out the Donate screen within the app. :)

Edit: Thanks for the sticky!
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Re: World of Logs Mobile App (iOS)

Postby Maihem » Tue Apr 30, 2013 4:12 pm

Stickied as promised!
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Re: World of Logs Mobile App (iOS)

Postby Legalad » Wed Nov 26, 2014 2:47 pm

Ohh the app is only available for USA region on the app store? :(
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