Hardware migration [pics!]

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Hardware migration [pics!]

Post by Miles » Wed Apr 30, 2014 5:23 pm

Hi all,

We're currently moving the database and files around from our old(/ancient) hardware platform to a new server cluster. To ensure data consistency, we have to take the site offline temporary.

We should be back in an hour.

Update: And we're back. Situation still needs monitoring, but so far so good. Now lets see how far we can push these new machines.



So long and thanks for all the fish! These 5 machines have been serving you for the past few years. They've all done their best but they are getting a bit long in the tooth, a few disks have been acting up lately (uh oh) and the SSD's are totally worn out according to SMART. So yeah, it's time to bring them back for a bit of servicing before putting them in action again. We'll probably put the Westmere nodes back in action soon, but the rest, dunno... Top to bottom:

[2u: 2x dual Westmere nodes, serving database, log data and number crunching]
[2u: dual Harpertown ("core 2 quad") machine, does number crunching and forum database]
[1u: dual Harpertown, Python frontend, memcached, mail relay]
[1u: another of that]


The new ones look kinda neat from the front. One Dell MD storage array full of 2.5" SSD and SAS disks and two R720 compute nodes.


But although we tried, it's an epic mess at the back. Oh well. Too many cables FTL, with 8x CAT5, 2x FC, 2x power per machine. Redundancy = double ALL THE THINGS!


And that's the new network setup. Not quite /r/cableporn, but this will do.

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Re: Hardware migration [pics!]

Post by Cornix » Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:28 pm

Does this mean you will start working on the software now ?