Buy OSRS Gold 2018 And Learn New Season Changes

Buy OSRS Gold 2018 And Learn New Season Changes

Postby sky225 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:34 am

Summer Is Coming,With the approach of OSRS DMM Summer Season 2018, those whose intend to participate should learn the changes to this new season 9 as well as find a trustful place to buy OSRS gold. And here we are.

Remarkable changes to OSRS Deadman Season 9

We will list some main changes below, and please read through all of them in advance.

1.There will be a chance for every NPC in-game to land on an extra drop table (containing highly sought-after supplies).

2.There will be a chance for bosses to land on a rare table.

3.Superior monsters appearing during Slayer tasks will have a guaranteed chance of landing on a rare table.

4.The Old School team has increased the drop rate of the Tome of fire from Wintertodt by x10.

5.Burn page drops from Wintertodt will be doubled.

6.The number of bones with each drop from all dragons (Lava dragons excluded) will be doubled too.

7.The daily XP capacity for Magic has been increased to 750k, while other caps still keep the same.

8.You will be able to lock or unlock XP gains by talking to Nigel in Lumbridge.

9.All new players in this Summer Season will have a period of 30 minutes immunity.

10.There have been seasonal starter packs added, which can be reclaimed once per day, but cannot be used in PvP or traded.

Buy DMM Summer Season gold from a safe site

At the start of the new season 9, you must be in need of plenty of Deadman Summer Season 2018 gold. RSorder is definitely a very safe place for you to buy seasonal gold and we have been offering the seasonal gold since the first Deadman season.

Good lucky to everyone,let’s enjoy the Deadman Spring finals and wait for DMM Summer Season beginning from Mar 17 with Runescape 2007gold for sale here.
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Enjoy Pieces of Hate RuneScape on Mar 19 & Join in Player Ga

Postby sky225 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:32 am

Eventually it’s high time to enjoy Pieces of Hate RuneScape. That means in a few hours you will be able to see Madame Shih and win updated Book o’ piracy. Meanwhile, the RS team also bring 59th Player Gallery to celebrate its releasing. Let’s buy RuneScape gold first from us.

General details of Pieces of Hate

The grand finale for the Pirate quest series - Pieces of Hate will introduce underwater expeditions, ex-Dragonkin temples, the confrontation against Rabid Jack and the zombie pirates. And part of the quest will happen on Mos Le’Harmless, where you need to find the defeat many shambling zombies to fix barricades & avoid the zombie invasion from spreading. In addition, it will link with the Wushanko Isles, including an eastern lands’s “pirate queen” named Madame Shih.

Start RuneScape Pieces of Hate after finding Postie Pete

Of course, the most important thing right now is to check out whether you have fulfilled all the requirements for the new quest, including: 81 Construction, 82 Firemaking, 83 Agility, 85 Thieving, Completion of Gertrude’s Cat & A Clockwork Syringe. And it will be better if the combat level is 110+.

When meeting all these requirements, then you can find Postie Pete to begin the quest by the Player Owned House portal.

59th Player Gallery until April 8

For the release of Pieces of Hate the RS team already bring the Player Gallery back. And until April 8 you can post your pirate-themed artwork on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #ARRRtGallery, or you can choose to send it to them via (your RSN included).

Anyway,The awesome prizes are waiting for your participation. At the same time, please Buy RuneScape Gold and expect the upcoming Pieces of Hate.
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Join In OSRS Changes and Fake XP Drop Improvements

Postby sky225 » Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:27 am

With the OSRS undating Changes,this week the Old School team has improved the OSRS Fake XP drops as well as some other QoL aspects. Please read the details and then enjoy them with cheap Runescape 2007 Gold from our site.

Improve Fake XP drops and others

When attacking other players, Fake XP drops will come out for Ironmen. In addition, they also make the fake XP drops respect the “Grouping” toggle from the XP drop setup menu.

The PJ timer on PvP worlds has also been applied to Bounty Hunter worlds. And the damage received during the Lunar Isle cutcene will be cleared at the end of the cutscene.

Upon the completion of the Chambers of Xeric, loot notifications can support longer messages, describing a triple loot (if you are lucky enough to get that at least) or more. In addition, once again you can learn how much was tipped by using the Tip jar in your owned house.

Improve OSRS Fiends list

From now on, all the Friends and Ignore lists can be clarified no matter how long they are. And there is an extra sorting option added, which ensures you can clarify the Friends and Clan lists depending on when the player last changed worlds. And friends who are online or on the same world with you will be more likely to appear nearer the top of the list regardless of your other options.

If you sort the list by something not unique like “world number”, the list will take into account the previous sorting option you had chosen, for many of your friends may be on the same world.

Anyways,Are you clear about all these small changes? Plus there will be 6 hours of immunity for all new players during Deadman Summer Season this Saturday. Anyway, you can always get cheap OSRS Gold here and begin your adventure in game.

The RSgoldonline Team
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Get Free OSRS Gold for April Fool Day

Postby sky225 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 9:00 am

Today we will taiking about free gold,April Fool’s Day is drawing nearer, and do you want to have some fun on RSorder? Next Monday on April 2, you have a chance to win free  RS gold in all on condition that you buy the gold from our site. Read on to learn more and remember you can always buy cheap OSRS gold here.

The exact time of the fun activity for April Fool’s Day

The fun activity will begin at 03:00 am. GMT on Apr 2,The fun activity will Lasts for a week.end t 03:00 am. GMT on Apr 9.

Steps to join in the activity 30m osrs gold +1m extral free gold=21m 50m osrs gold +2m extral free gold=22m 100m osrs gold +5m extral free gold=105m 200m osrs gold +10m extral free gold=110m

This is the cheapest gold  ,don't miss the opportunity .you can tell your friends.All in all, please join us on time and wish you good luck. Please remember you can buy cheap RuneScape 2007 gold
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