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Rainbow Six Siege Nomad's Loadouts: ARX200

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:31 am
by cuberwhite
The ARX is my preferred primary, not only because it has a lower time-to-kill when not landing the early headshot than the AK-74M, but because I can safely use it as a long range gun with its ACOG and get more than a few shots in before starting to recoil off the target. This is a very reliable weapon, and the 20 round mag really isn't as big an issue as most people may feel borrowing from experiences with Hibana's Type-89. Nomad's playstyle doesn't require her to put herself in danger as much and thanks to her gadget she's generally in good control of what engagements she can take and which ones require repositioning.

I've been using the ARX with an ACOG and Muzzle Brake to great success, only ever pulling out the .44 to pixel out defenders, since the .44's sight is clearer and has a far smaller reticle than the regular ACOG sight.

Nomad also has the choice between Stun Grenades & Breaching Charges. Stun Grenades are by far the more popular choice here and I agree. On a lot of operators I tend to favor Breaching Charges more than other players at my skill level, and that is because I always have vertical play and independence to open a hatch or a soft wall on my mind. On Nomad however, you're already busy setting up whatever your Air Jab route is going to be, and focusing on narrowing down potential roamer positions. You're not ever really getting the chance to move about and start breaching stuff or playing vertically, so I say go for the Stuns.

You can also use the stuns to bait people into peeking you into an Air Jab trap, to mask the sound of you shooting an Air Jab close up to enemies, and in generally you can bank-shot yourself closer to the enemy and take positions in a safer manner than if you lacked the stuns.

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