Crimping tools

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Crimping tools

Post by hojoos » Sun Nov 15, 2020 2:08 pm

Crimping tools are the tools used to execute efficient connections, so called presses. Reliable cable connection with crimped on the end connector is extremely important, so it is important to select precisely the right tool. Crimping tools are dedicated to work on small diameter or large cables. Presses differ significantly, depending on their destination to the appropriate type of work performed. Different shapes and types of cable terminals, require the use intended for them of professional tools. On the tabular summaries, you can find a parametric list of cable connectors, with a dedicated crimping tool for crimping them. The basic division of this group of tools are the presses: manual, hydraulic, pneumatic and battery. Very popular are the hand crimping tools. The small size and weight influence it to become the primary equipment of electrician bags. For specific forms of pressing onto the cable end, the relevant dies for crimping tool.

To gain specific form of crimping onto the cable connector, the relevant crimping dies are being used for crimpingtool.

Produced by ERKO hand crimping tools are characterized by precise workmanship and the use of materials of the highest quality. The work done by these tools, is professionally done. Customer satisfaction is always put in first place, for this reason assortment made by ERKO is durable and reliable in every situation. ERKO crimping tool handle is made of two components so that it can effectively rely high pressure and does not break during operation. Easy crimping die change ensures versatility of the tools and effectively speeds up the work. In addition, responding to the expectations of our Customers, we have created the possibility of crimping dies assembly according to individual needs, including non-standard dimensional versions. What makes our products willingly chosen Application of solutions affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of their work in full. Crimping tools for terminals are provided with a ratchet mechanism which controls the correct crimping.

Hydraulic crimping tools are designed for medium intensive installation work. In addition to crimping terminals and connectors, they are also used for cutting holes in steel bednarce, an example is HR 300.

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Re: Crimping tools

Post by doberso » Mon Nov 16, 2020 9:05 pm

Do you recommend to buy wire crimping tool from this manufacturer? What is the rough cost of it? I would like to buy this instrument. But my budget is somewhat limited. So I would like to find out its cost first of all. I would also like to ask what other manufacturers of repair tools you can suggest. It is interesting to hear the feedback from the first hands. Please share your experience.

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