[SOLVED] Cannot find combat log files

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[SOLVED] Cannot find combat log files

Post by Gutrick » Sat May 28, 2011 10:12 pm

But now i have a problem of not being able to find any of my logs to upload.
Having same problem, only log it can find is one from december :(
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Re: Cannot find combat log files

Post by Maihem » Tue May 31, 2011 2:15 pm

WoW only uses a single file to write the combat log to, Logs\WoWCombatLog.txt. If the client shows a start time of december when you click "Open the WoW log", you probably need to split the log into per-raid chunks. In the client, select Tools --> Split & Archive. This will split the WoWCombatLog.txt into chunks separated by at least 20 minutes of idle time (no events whatsoever), so that each chunk should correspond to a single raid night/run. For each chunk, a ZIP file is created in WoW\Logs\archive named for the chunk's start time. To upload a single chunk, extract the TXT file within and upload it using the "Open a File" function.

You can also use the Live Report function to upload single raids -- log into WoW, enable combat logging, alt-tab out, start the WoL client and select Start Live Report Session. The client will start watching the WoWCombatLog.txt file. Content added after starting the live session (i.e. it won't upload data already present in the log) will be analyzed and uploaded as you raid. Once you're done, log out of WoW, then close the WoL client. Note that logging out is *very* important as it will force WoW to write the last part of the log to the combat log file. If you don't log out before closing the Live Report window, you may lose the last part of your log, sometimes even the boss kill event.

For more info, check viewtopic.php?p=8943#p8943.

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Re: Cannot find combat log files

Post by ArcaneMagus » Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:50 pm

Marking this as solved as you haven't posted back in over a week. If you still need help then don't hesitate to post back to this thread and we will try to solve your problem ;)