But franchise style will remain largely the exact

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But franchise style will remain largely the exact

Post by Kingang » Mon Jan 04, 2021 9:43 am

They could literally mend franchise style with Madden 21 coins stains. Unless we see significant advancements throughout Madden 21, they are full of shit. As they are. Sad thing is no one will hold off purchasing the game, and that's what it might require them to really make the game better. That is beside the fact that there are several glaring gameplay problems. Just like we are asking you to correct basic franchise style features that you have literally had in previous decades. Do your job.... We're whining about this shit for years so we'll see. I won't believe a word before I've a valid franchise mode on my display. Actively working on bolstering plans to encourage business in Madden 21 and outside. I believe it's too late for Madden 21 but they get the message that Franchise mode has to be the focus in Madden 22. They're going to need to win back all the players they alienated this past year.

I am not buying M21 unless you can find SIGNIFICANT franchise developments. So perhaps if they really listen for once, it is going to be rewarding but I'm not anticipating much of anything still. I'm hoping M22 will really give franchise the adjustments it deserves. Folks have been requesting the same matter with Career Mode on FIFA games for years, and nothing changed. They said the exact same shit"we are listening to the fans".

They will make franchise style just decent enough to rope you in for the 60 admittance ticket. Then they will funnel you towards ultimate team as much as they possible. Upgrades and new content for UT per week but franchise style will remain largely the exact same on day 1 which it is 12 months later. I like UT, particularly squads, but it's fairly shitty how EA pushes the greatest team arena in all of their sports games today. It was a brand new thing in the previous iteration of NCAAF and I bet their frothing in the mouth hoping that title returns in the future so they can have another cash cow UT Cheap Madden nfl 21 coins game.It's nice to at least get an acknowledgement. We have nothing in Nintendo with #FixUltimateOnline. I hope EA gives Madden the same remedy they did Battlefront II in response to the backlash.

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Re: But franchise style will remain largely the exact

Post by bevin » Sun Jan 10, 2021 3:47 pm

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