Kills lost?

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Kills lost?

Post by Via » Wed May 07, 2014 5:13 am ... 303&e=2913

This log got flagged as invalid at some point over the course of our Sha of Pride pull?
While the rest of the raid was clearing trash I checked the log, the Norushen kill went through, I saw the rank. I checked the actual rankings PAGE and SAW my parse. I was there.

We finished trash. Pulled Sha.
Laid down an EXTREMELY competitive Sha pull as well, which I would have lost anyways because that was a wipe.
We pulled again, I laid down another extremely competitive parse, killing the boss this time, and when I tab back out to sync the log, the client crashed.

I go back to pull up the report to see if the Sha kill got uploaded anyway before the logger crashed, and saw that the two pulls got merged and my Norushen kill was flagged as invalid, as well as the Sha kill not being registered.
Both of which would have been ~top 30ish rankings.

What gives? Did we pull trash too fast? I can't for the LIFE of me imagine why it would go through, pass the "Yeah okay, that's good," check, get synced with the rankings list, and then merge everything together and not accept any of it.

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