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Post by caara » Wed Sep 21, 2016 11:57 pm


I tried to upload a wow log from this evening and I got an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException on line 194 of the combatlog.txt file.
The line is :

Code: Select all

9/21 21:18:28.647  COMBATANT_INFO,Player-1331-03D64F30,6653,22397,29808,6434,0,0,0,6362,6362,6362,0,0,4599,4599,4599,314,9542,882,882,882,2458,254,(155228,194595,109215,213423,109248,120360,214579),(208683,213538,202589,202793,209793,203129),[1337,1,315,3,308,1,312,5,320,3,310,1,319,3,322,1,313,4,321,1,307,1,1197,21],[(139710,840,(),(3385,3384),()),(139604,840,(),(),()),(134480,850,(5442,0,0),(1727,1808,1502,3336),(130218,101)),(98083,1,(),(),()),(139707,840,(),(3386,3384),()),(137456,840,(0,0,4223),(1727,1492,1813),()),(139711,840,(),(3386,3384),()),(134210,850,(),(1727,1512,3336),()),(137405,840,(),(1727,1492,1813),()),(134297,845,(),(3397,1507,3337),()),(134534,840,(5425,0,0),(1727,1492,1813),()),(139103,850,(5425,0,0),(3397,1808,40,1512,3337),(130218,101)),(139113,835,(),(3397,607,1497,3336),()),(140026,835,(),(3432,1487,1674),()),(137530,850,(5432,0,0),(1727,1808,1502,3336),(130218,101)),(128826,879,(),(727),(137550,850,140413,850,136720,850)),(0,0,(),(),()),(0,0,(),(),())],[Player-1331-041A25B4,203528]
I had no issue to upload log with warlods of draenor and I still can open a log from 2015 with the client.
Could you tell me what is wrong in such a line ?

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Re: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException

Post by business ideology » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:36 am

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