Trying to understand different logs on same fights.

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Trying to understand different logs on same fights.

Post by Bluejean » Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:55 pm

Same fight, same raid group, and same people Heroic Galakras kill. But they get different logs on the healing. My Raid leader said its because people run Recount and Skada that is where the combatlogs come from. He also said that these addons can log from distance and phases. We have this problem on many fights like Heroic Norushen and Heroic Sha of Pride.

This is what I'm asking for, Can people explain why and how this comes to be different on logs?

1. Can someone explain where the logs come from ingame?
2. Can someone explain why logs can't log distances and phases in game?
3. What is the distances range for logs?

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Re: Trying to understand different logs on same fights.

Post by cremor » Thu Jan 30, 2014 10:11 pm

1. Combat logging is done by the WoW client itself and can't be influenced in any way (other than the new "Advanced Combat Logging" option in the WoW System settings). It is completely irrelevant if you use Recount, Skada, both or none.
2. Distance shouldn't be a problem for most fights, but there is some limit, yes. But you shouldn't reach that limit in the Galakras encounter, it's mostly a problem for Dark Shamans heroic. Different phases like in the Norushen and Sha heroic encounters are a problem. Players in different phases will simply not be logged, so those fights can only ever show 100% correct data for the one person that logged. Why those limitations exist can only Blizzard explain.
3. Not sure.

I can't explain the differences for the Galakras fight since the range shouldn't be an issue there. You have to accept that combat logging is not 100% reliable. Sometimes a few lines get lost. Sometimes a few lines swap their positions (timestamps). But there is nothing we can do about that.

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