A way to disable spirit link

Re: A way to disable spirit link

Postby aslaf » Tue May 08, 2012 6:14 pm

Maihem wrote:The main issue here is that Spirit Link has a single purpose: redistributing health among players in range to equalize their respective % of max health. To reach this goal, it uses two mechanics at the same time: friendly fire and healing done, which should cancel eachother out -- no actual healing is done since the health is actually transferred from some players to others.

So just to clarify, do players take a dmg from it or not - guildie asked me such question in terms of using Anti-Magic Zone and theoretical situation where using AMZ and SLT together runs a huge risk of the totem with some small dmg tics destroying the Zone before the big hit hits.

Was searching badly for that over the net but couldn't find the information.

EDIT: got the source from where my guildie took it, some DK blog:

Note also that dmg taken from a shaman's "Spirit Link Totem" is absorbed by the AMZ and can break it, and so the two should not be used together.

Source: http://fallen.stonemaul.net/showthread. ... Knight-101
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Re: A way to disable spirit link

Postby nipil » Wed May 09, 2012 8:44 am

> So just to clarify, do players take a dmg from it or not
Yes. Consider for example a raid where everyone is at 50%, and the tank is at 100%, you use totem, tank health drops down, everyone else health goes up.
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