Sinestra Healing Logs

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Sinestra Healing Logs

Post by Curo » Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:57 am

I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, so I hope this is suitable.

Basically, might you exclude healing done on Calen from the meters? Without healing Calen myself, I still end up usually 2nd or 3rd in healing done (including others' on Calen), but when you subtract healing on Calen, I come out quite a bit ahead of everyone else.

I know it isn't a huge deal - meters, and all. But isn't that the purpose of WoL? I'd just like to rank without having to pad meters on Calen, is all. I spend that second phase helping DPS Sinestra/Eggs just to speed it up a bit.


Meter - ... 530&e=8994

Druid's healing by actor: ... 530&e=8994

Paladin's healing by actor: ... 530&e=8994

My (Shaman's) healing by actor: ... 530&e=8994

The Druid was "above" me, and the Paladin was close. But in reality.. not really.

Again, not a huge deal. But it would be nice. :D