[SOLVED] Damge done/taken by Target and Healing done/tak...

[SOLVED] Damge done/taken by Target and Healing done/tak...

Postby Mirage » Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:18 am

I hope this wasn't requested before, but I didn't find anything regarding this topic.

My idea is an improvement for the details page for players/creatures.
It would be nice to have a filter at the 'Damage by spell' and 'Healing by spell' tabs.
At the corresponding '... taken' and '... done' sections there could be a filter by source/target.

Example 1:
I look at my Healing by spells and what heals actually healed me over the fight. But we have 2 Restoration Druids. So it would be nice knowing which one healed me by using what spells. One could just spread his Rejuv and Wild Growth but the other one could possibly saved my live by using Swiftmend or other direct heals. At the moment I would just see all the spells.

Example 2:
It can happen that we are running with up to 4 Warlocks. Let's say I want to analyze their AoE. I can see wich one does how much damage to the AoE Adds. But if there would be again such a filter in the 'Damage done' section regarding their targets i could see how they used to nuke the Adds and perhaps if they are lacking single nuking remaining adds when most are already down.

Example 3:
When i look at a boss and what attacks did how much damage, it would help to have look in the tanks, if there would be such a filter the damage done section. Let's say we have a blocking tank (Warrior or Paladin) and an Druid or Deathknight. It might be interesting how hard the boss hits with his abilities on the different classes. In case of normal melee hits it's not possible without using the Expression Editor when there are other Adds involved which would 'corrupt' the damage taken section of the tanks.

Don't know how much work this would afford, but I think many people would appreciate such filters for easier analyzing the fighting/healing behaviors of single people.
Especially as an officer of our guild for our ranged DPS but also looking at the other parts of the raid and doing much work in analyzing logs, I think it would be helpful.
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Re: Damge done/taken by Target and Healing done/taken by So

Postby nipil » Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:10 pm

3rd menu > Analyze > any option. Then chose to show either by source, by target or by spell, which selects what is shown on output (spells or people/creatures). Then chose the appropriate info in the source/target combo box filter if you want it. You could even add an additionnal EE expression in the Expression box and press enter (usually a spell if you filter by source/target, or the opposite). Analyze function is one of my favorite !
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Re: Damge done/taken by Target and Healing done/taken by So

Postby Mirage » Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:17 pm

Can't believe it... I never saw that Analyze option. :?
Must have a cloaking device or something

Thank you very much, this helps alot
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Re: [SOLVED] Damge done/taken by Target and Healing done/ta

Postby Jacqueline » Sat Jan 03, 2015 1:06 pm

If Ragnaros died in the logs this thread wouldn't exist :P I expect people are back to the tricks they did back in Hallion days and are editing in a death event.

Who knows though, I can't look in the backend code to see what's going on so this will have to wait till Maihem or Miles looks at it.
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Re: [SOLVED] Damge done/taken by Target and Healing done/ta

Postby Maihem » Thu Jan 08, 2015 12:35 pm

@Jacqueline: Posted to wrong topic by accident? Or am I just missing the relation to the earlier question? Please post back if you need anything from us.
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