Overkill summed up in Damage ... good or bad ?

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Overkill summed up in Damage ... good or bad ?

Post by nipil » Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:07 pm


Verifying each night that the dps priorities were respected, and checking everyone's performance on each of them, i was wondering why the overkill damage is summed up in the damage done. After all, a mob being killed is a mob being killed, you could do 1M dmg on the last hit, if it required 1 dmg, doing 1M dmg would just mean that you wasted 999,999 dmg on a useless mob instead of a more interesting target.

Just for information, i was checking to see if some of our member were abusing the dps meter by dps'ing the Celestial protector on Elegon for the whole time it's channelling his explosion (which is completely useless damage which would better be done on something else). If they did that and if the summary sums up the overkill, they could show up higher on this dps assignement meter that they realistically would.

BTW, I know i can add a simple "not (overkill > 0)" in the expression field in analyze > damage done, but not in other views (per character, and so on) :-)

So ... i wonder if it wouldn't be simply better to not sum overkill damage. Or at least not the "1 dmg + some overkill", which means complete post-death overkill. Just to be thourough this would break the meters for the people uploading their test-dummy training (at least on the non-raid ones), but i'm still providing the idea in case anyone finds it interesting. After all overkill is just like overhealing, and afaik overhealing is not really taken into account, even if i know that overhealing happens far more often than overkill !

So, what's your opinion about it?

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Re: Overkill summed up in Damage ... good or bad ?

Post by Maihem » Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:12 pm

I'm not sure what others think of this, but here's my thoughts:

We explicitly discern between healing and overhealing since using your healing capacity effectively is one of the main tasks being a healer (or so I've understood). This doesn't necessarily mean you can't have overhealing, but is linked to this metric very tightly.

For damage classes, there aren't many situations in which you can alter your playstyle to minimize overkill. It's not usually a concern either, exceptions like yours aside. Every single healing event can have overkill, while only the killing blow, usually the last of maybe 10.000 hits, can have overkill. This usually makes it a negligible statistical error.

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