Why do ranks exist?

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Why do ranks exist?

Post by Gunba » Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:36 pm

I was kind of wondering why WoL has traditionally used ranks as a key measure of comparative class performance when in reality the use of this system just makes it very difficult to compare anything. We have a feral in our raid who is a very good player, however how well he plays is almost made irrelevant by the fact that there is literally less than 20 ferals parsing on high end 10H fights - he could quite literally AFK on Sha of Fear and get rank 9. On the other hand, our warlock can outperform the entire raid and then be rewarded with a comparatively horrible rank due to the excess of affliction warlocks currently parsing.

Is it possible that in place (or alongside) ranks, a percentile could be made available that takes into consideration the amount of parses for that class? It seems crazy to use a system that effectively plays favourites with unpopular specs, and it would be nice to get an accurate comparison of player skill without having to go through a third party system such as raidbots.


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Re: Why do ranks exist?

Post by nipil » Tue Jan 22, 2013 6:20 pm

WOL gathers facts, and actual in-game proven data, nothing more, nothing less.
Then it extracts rankings, which show nothing but "how good it could be if everything goes perfect".
As a consequence, anything else people could derive from these is only biased data from a statistically insignificant samples (ie only 200 sample, and only the best ones).
That's why it's imho "not good" to try and go further that these simple data : there are just too many variables at work to compare one class to another (strat, rng, equipement, attributions, etc etc).

Once that is said, you can go to raidbots.com, which makes some side statistics about specs and fights, and takes into account the fact that there could be plenty (or few) parses for a particular spec.

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