Healers rankings

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Healers rankings

Post by proxopotamus » Wed Jun 19, 2013 8:16 am

I know it's over9000 suggestion for healers ranking but anyway...

What about ranking heapers depends on the raid's damage takes? I am talking about formula like:

= 1 / (Raid_damage_taking / Player Healing done)

Raid1 takes 1 000 000 dmg, Healer1 done 100 000 heal
so 1 / (1 000 000 / 100 000) = 0.1

Raid2 takes 500 000 dmg, Healer2 done 100 000 heal
so 1 / (500 000 / 100 000) = 0.2

For sure Healer2 makes a 2x more usefull work.

It is possible to add some multiplier for better visual results. In that way comparing healers seems far fairer. imho.

ps sorry, english is not my native

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Re: Healers rankings

Post by Uzerik » Sat Oct 12, 2013 7:43 pm

That % is already listed per healer in each raid, so it is an accurate number based on your raid's makeup. I see what you are suggesting though, but isn't that what is already happening?

As healers we can only heal what has been damaged already. Our HPS goes up with the more we heal from those that are damaged. Depending on how long we live or sit there picking our noses, our HPS(e) will be changed.

I kinda see what you are looking at where on the healing rankings, you'll have someone that did 17% of raid heals ranked above someone who pulled 20%. If they were in the same raid, that would make sence that the 20% would be higher. But with them in different raids, the damage taken is different, the length of the fight, differing healer classes and tank mitigation etc etc.

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Re: Healers rankings

Post by ArcaneMagus » Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:18 pm

The problem I see with that is you are assuming all damage taken is healed by the healers. This doesn't take into account things like players healing themselves, or far more problematic: Things not healed by anyone at all (killing blows on players).

What advantages would your proposed system have over the current method of ranking them based on their HPS(e)?

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