Relative rankings

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Relative rankings

Post by Eknower » Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:02 pm

Everyone wants relative rankings: the avarage dps at same ilvl and not the best dps of a wtf full heroic gear pro guild member etc..

One way to get relative rankings is based on ilvl, but there are a lot of problems such as:
1) Need all players updating data on one more addon that could print them on the combat log. Blizzard doesn’t allow to get the avarage equipped ilvl of other players, only your own (e. g. avgItemLevelEquipped function - i don’t know how to use it, i’m not a dev!)
2) ilvl doesn’t give stats distribution so you can have high ilvl and bad stats

I suggest one solution for this but sorry for my english and for my math, i just want to give an hint and see if it could work.

Solution: relative rankings based on….stats!

WoL could work on logs and extract stats with a fixed system for each spec and class.

This’s how it could work for my frost mage from a report of Fallen Protectors 10N (Italian realm: Pozzo dell'eternità, guild: Angeli dell apocalisse):

Spell power: from main filler Frostbolt
- avarage damage 77016
- Frostbolt damage is base damage (1374-1748) +150% spell power
- so avarage damage (77016) is 1561 (avarage base damage) + 150% spell power
- spell power is (77016 - avarage base damage (1561) ) / 150 * 100 = 55303
Tot: 55303 (it includes int procs and Invoker's Energy buff)

Crit chance: from main filler Frostbolt
- directly from WoL report on my main filler: 24,4%

Mastery: from Water Elemental Waterbolt
- mastery for frost mage: +% by mastery to Water Elemental damage
- Waterbolt damage: base damage (456-585) + 50% spell power
- Waterbolt avarage damage: 39507
- Waterbolt avarage damage (39507) is 520 (avarage base damage) + 25151 (50% spell power already extracted) + % from mastery (16% + mastery from gear)
- Mastery gain is: 39507-520-25151 = 13836 that is a +53,89% to the base damage of 25671
- Mastery is 53,89%

Haste: from main filler Frostbolt
This is hard to extract from casting time
Frostbolt casting time from report: from sec. 29.811 to sec. 30.964 = 1.153 sec cast time under Tempus repit buff (+30% haste)
Frostbolt base casting time: 2 sec.
Haste (under Tempus repit buff): 2/1.153 = 1.73
Haste: 1.73/1.3 = 1.33 = 33%

Hit: from misses on logs
100% no misses on main filler
Capped = 15%

So my stats extracted from logs:
Spell power: 55303
Haste: 33%
Mastery: 53,89%
Crit chance: 24,4%
Hit: 15%

My real buffed stats are:
Spell power: 38559
Haste: 45,03%
Mastery: 48,08%
Crit chance: 24,63%
Hit: 14,95%

The different real values are due to my bad math and maybe wrong method but there's no problem if the extraction system is the same (maybe more and more accurate than mine) for everyone belonging to the same class and spec.
This way you can compare stats when comparing dps.

If you give a fixed value to stats it would return a PVE Score that can be used for relative rankings!!
We don't want an accurate score (if it is possible why not), but just an idea of what type of gear does that dps.
Maybe it is possible to set pve score threshold in order to get dps categories (max stats dps, medium stats, low stats, et...).

Moreover WoL from logs could extract info on Tier, Legendaries and Trinkets:
from logs it is possible to get what type of trinkets is equipped, if there's any tier bonus and if the legendary meta gem or cloak is equipped.

This is my raw idea.

Please help with math and improve this solution.

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