Pro Fortnite Items Team Signs 13-Year-Old

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Pro Fortnite Items Team Signs 13-Year-Old

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There has also been vocal support to fortnite weapons get a Nintendo Switch variant of Fortnite, with Chance the Rapper calling for a port of the game. Epic Games has also addressed these requests, stating that it will "hopefully" release its hugely popular game on the Nintendo games console "at a certain stage."

With the leaks about the Switch version of the game continuing to mount, fans will be wondering if Nintendo and Epic Games will lift the lid themselves, officially announcing the game. An announcement could come in E3 2018, in which Nintendo is set to create several significant statements and show off some of its biggest names (including Super Smash Bros.) Fortnite could possibly be part of these announcements.

Pro 'buy Fortnite Items' Team Signs 13-Year-Old

Professional esports organization Team Secret announced Wednesday it just produced a four-member "Fortnite" squad and among its members is just 13 years old, according to ESPN.

Kyle "Mongraal" Jackson resides in a district southeast of London called Sidcup. He began playing with "Call of Duty" when he was only 9 years old. Last fall, he began playing "Fortnite" as well.

"My friends told me about this new game, 'Fortnite,' so I tried it out to determine how it is," Jackson told ESPN. "And I just fell in love -- the construction mechanisms, how large the ability gap is with construction, is just unreal."

"Fortnite," an online shooter using a building component from developer Epic Games, is currently one of the world's hottest video games. It made $126 million in February alone, according to research company SuperData, and it's among those most-watched names on both Twitch and YouTube.

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