Guild management FAQ

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Guild management FAQ

Post by Miles » Mon Oct 05, 2009 6:48 pm

#0: Can I get leadership of an existing guild?

Yes, if you are the in-game GM or an officer and are prepared to take off your clothes. Find your realm on, then find your guild (NOTE: the guild name must match the in-game name). Once you're on the WoL guild's calendar page, hover over the guild name in the top left nav bar and click "Request Leadership". Follow the instructions from there. You'll need to empty 3 random slots of equipment, which we will verify through Armory.

#1: How can I delete my own guild?

Guilds cannot be deleted completely, but the ones without members are hidden on the realm page. So to "delete" a guild, simply kick everyone out using the manage guild page and leave yourself via the profile page (link @ upper-right corner of the page)

#2: There are multiple copies of my guild, can you delete them?

No; but you can pm or email me with a request for contact information - I can forward the list of users + email addresses so you can get them hidden with #1.

#3: Can you update the [name/realm/url/timezone] of my guild?

You can do it yourself on the Manage Guild page. Just go to the guild calendar and hover over the guild name in the navbar for the menu. Click edit at the Guild information section.

#4: The old guild leader left, can you promote one of the members instead?

Yup. Just send a pm or email, if there are still members left in the guild. Otherwise, we'll have to verify the request via the registered site url, you'll have to post a text message or announcement with who to promote to the new leader on WoL.

#5: What ranks are required for what operations?

(copied from viewtopic.php?f=2&t=29&p=410#p410)

Within a guild, five ranks exist:
  1. Initiate
  2. Member
  3. Veteran
  4. Officer
  5. Leader
These ranks have the following permissions, cumulatively:
  1. Initiate
    • View private reports
  2. Member
    • Upload reports
    • Manage own reports
  3. Veteran
    • Upload live reports
  4. Officer
    • Accept/decline applications
    • Promote up to Veteran rank
    • Demote down from Veteran rank
    • Kick members of Veteran rank or lower
  5. Leader
    • Promote up to Officer rank
    • Demote down from Officer rank
    • Kick members of Officer rank or lower
#6: Does everyone really have to register to use private reports?

No, just register a "guild" account, set the rank to initiate so it cannot modify things, and post in on your forum like your ventrilo connection information. Everyone can login using the same account.

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Re: Guild management FAQ

Post by mwm175 » Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:46 pm

Quick question: Can you make previous logs public that were originally set to private?


Edit: I think I found the answer from another post, sorry! "World of Logs reports are public by default. You can change the visibility on the List of Reports page on a per-report basis by clicking on its visibility value. The cell will change into a selection dropdown and Save-button."