feature request: searching logs

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feature request: searching logs

Post by hoho » Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:59 pm

I'd love to be able to search for specific logs that contain information I'm interested in. E.g a couple of days ago I wanted to see how big uptime would focus magic on spriest give. At the moment there is no way to find stuff like that.

What I'd like to see is a ton of filters. E.g bosses, kills/wipes, raid has buff X (raidcomp from mmo-champion shows what stacks, what doesn't), spell X is used in raid (could be trinket procs), buff X was cast on spec/class Y(FM/PI/hysteria or if possible even regular stuff like kings), raid DPS/HPS/kill time was more/less than X, raid used X amount of tanks/healers/dps etc.

I think most of the stuff is not completely undoable, just the "buff X on Y" is probably the hardest. It would make it incredibly useful to see how other people manage things and to see how certain elements work in real-world (e.g trinket procs). You might even be able to give the tool a log and say "find me similar raid setups and show how well did they do" or "show me other logs with same spec as player X so I can see how badly he/she sucks" :)

Only problem is I have no idea if recording all that information per-fight into a manageable-size database is actually doable or searchable in reasonable time. I think it shouldn't be as bad as keeping DPS records for everything as there is no specific top200 to keep up-to-date. It should just be inserts on new log creation, deletes on log expiring and keeping the index updated. It'll still be quite immense amount of data nonetheless :)

So, would that be doable theoretically? I understand it could take weeks or even months of work but I'm interested if it's even just theoretically doable and if there are any plans on doing something like this.

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Re: feature request: searching logs

Post by Maihem » Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:28 pm

Everything is doable in theory, given enough hardware and time ;-)

To answer your question though: the search as posed in your suggestion would be *very* database intensive. We are, however, looking into making WoL more searchable, perhaps using (automatic) report tagging and full-text indexing. As for the 'similar raid setup' feature, I'm not sure that'll be included.

Filed as a feature request.