[WIDGET] Display Options

[WIDGET] Display Options

Postby neutralized » Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:06 pm

Love the logs, and I've talked with you before about the site I am currently retooling, wowraidaudit.com.

The widgets make it a lil easier for people to get a formal link to our logs. I like it, I love it. Though I'm not crazy about the lack of display options. I'm not looking for a world of pain here but there are some things that are off.

I'd like to have more control over the widget's display. The widget has built in padding on the left side, I'd like to remove that on my site. The widget also has a 'logged in as userx' on the bottom which really throws off the feng shui of the page. Does the amount of guilds with private logs dictate that every guild with public logs using the widget has to deal with a small bar at the bottom that looks very out of place and is in no way customizable? Perhaps a widget option to display the logged in info would be nice.

Also, and this may be annoying to do but please oh god give us some kind of date formatting field. As much as this may look good to others:

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08 Sep     Icecrown 25

I'd like it to be something like:

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9/8      Icecrown 25

Perhaps a manual imput box that would allow a more savy user to specify the format they want their date in? yea? perhaps? Oh you know you want to.

But thats about it, keep up the good work miles.
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