data uploader bug & requests

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data uploader bug & requests

Post by Zyzx » Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:13 am

We will be using this as replacement for WWS. Visited after linked on worldofraids. Great job! Here is some feedback after using the site tonight for about 30 minutes:

1. Bug: When uploading with "open a file" you keep the file open and locked until you press OK on the "Report successfully uploaded!" dialog. Please close the uploaded file before. You also can not get focus to this dialog, so if you do not hit OK then you must close the uploader to unlock the file.

2. Bug: If you have no raids, the calendar page under your guild URL ( is empty and does not display anything. Add an error message.

3. Request: Like the WWS uploader, if successfully uploaded, rename the file and zip. (Maybe add under preferences?) Obviously you can't do this for real-time uploads.

4. Request: Ability (maybe when people subscribe or donate) to make subdomain or name for your guild. or

5. Request: Ability to remove attempts. (Priest AFK)

6. Request: Easier way to see full reports by player. Currently you must view a fight, click a player, then change back to full report. Maybe add a drop down of all players in the log on graph page?

7. Request: On the home page, you can see reports by rank, only show the top report for a guild, rather then 5-10+ of the same guild.

8. Noticed: Some pages have a lot of extra blank lines at the end of the page.

9. Suggestion: Where is the donate button? ..what's your plans on charging (if any)? Thank you for not having ads...

10. Obviously pet damage soon.