I have a question about the logs

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I have a question about the logs

Post by anthell » Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:24 am

Ill tell you guys what I did so its easier to follow

1. Open a log (dps/healer)
2. Choose and click one person (analyzing in detail)
3. Choose either healing by spell / damage by spell tab
4. Hover over damage done / taken or healing done / taken of one abilty (this includes melee)
5. Here comes the question, there will be 2 charts showing on hover. One is a big circle the other is a smaller circle. What does those 2 circles means? At first i thought it was crit vs hit, but to my suprised, each circle has their own hit/crit/miss/dodge/etc.

Can anyone help?

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Re: I have a question about the logs

Post by gcbirzan » Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:31 pm

The outer one is the ratio of crits/hits and the other is the damage/healing ratio of crits/hits.