WoL updating for WoD - Latest News

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WoL updating for WoD - Latest News

Post by Legalad » Fri Nov 28, 2014 1:43 pm

With the release of WoD expansion, we have decided to update WoL. The last few months, Miles and Maihem have been working really hard on the back-end code to support the advanced combat log format, the new dungeons and raids for WoD and Battle.net authentication.

In the coming months, we have major plans to improve data presentation, introduce more powerful analytical tools and increase usability. We hope that some of the new features are ready when the raiding season begins!

As some of you may have already noticed, you can now sign in with your Battle.net account on WoL. This will bring some major advantages compared to the old system.
  1. The most notable change will be that you don't have to create a separate account anymore on WoL. Simply sign in with your Battle.net account in WoL and all your characters and guilds will be retrieved from Battle.net.
  2. There won't be any guild permissions problems anymore in the new system. If you're the guild leader or rank 1, you'll be able to manage the guild's settings.
  3. You can now also fully customize your own guild page, changing the text, images about your guild.
  4. It’s now possible to upload to multiple guilds within the client, just select the character to upload to before you press upload. We are also planning to add the option to upload the report to your own private personal space, but be aware that this isn't shared and ranked, and only you or someone with a direct link will be able to view the report.
  5. The consequences of being caught of cheating the rankings will also become much more severe, leading to a ban of your WoL account that is linked to their Battle.net account. So we expect the rankings will become more accurate.
  6. We are also building up our own help documentation about how to use WoL, making it easier for first time users to get started.
We will be active again on our forum, Twitter and all the emails sent to us will be answered by a dedicated support team. So feel free to contact us at support@worldoflogs.com, if you have any questions about WoL, want to share your feedback/suggestions with us.