Example guide: Hodir

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Example guide: Hodir

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Comments and critique welcomed as long as it is constructive. Also let me know if there is interest in more guides like this.

Analysing World of Logs: Hodir

Much of this guide assumes that you are able to do basic things such as selecting the fight you want to analyse and set the timeframe to sections that are relevant. In some cases fight mechanics are used when a wipe is called and this might taint the results; keep this in mind when doing queries over multiple attempts, or set the timeframe accordingly if you are analysing a single attempt.
The question "why did my raiders die" is also considered basic knowledge- there is a "Death overview" available to show each player's cause of death.
This guide tries to move beyond the obvious DPS and Damage Done graphs in order to get to the core of the fight and find out why the raid fails to beat that Enrage or Rare Cache timer.

Hodir's key abilities:
Hodir has a few key abilities that require the raiders to deal with. Minimise the effect of Hodir's abilities on the raid and maximise the effect of the NPCs abilities are key to winning the fight.

First, Hodir's abilities and how you can find them using the World of Log tools available to you:

Flash Freeze
To check the players caught in a Flash Freeze (ie, not running up a snowy mould) Use the query:

Code: Select all

[{"spellNames": ["Flash Freeze"], "eventTypes": [4]}]
NPCs play a big part in beating the Hardmode timer, especially the mages. It might be interesting to see how quick they got freed from their iceblocks.
There are two ways to do this effectively. Query the log or check the buffs gained in the creature detail page.

The quick way:
Select the NPC from the list of "creatures", for example Amira Blazeweaver. Click on the "Buffs gained" tab.
In the "Debuffs gained" column the spell "Flash Freeze" should be visible. The hash-symbol (#) makes the debuff visible; the wider the green bars, the longer those NPCs have been frozen.

The detailed way:
For that we use another log query, we track the Flash Freeze aura that affects the mages.

Code: Select all

[{"spellNames": ["Flash Freeze"], "eventTypes": [4], "targetNames": ["Veesha Blazeweaver", "Amira Blazeweaver"]}]

Code: Select all

[{"spellNames": ["Flash Freeze"], "eventTypes": [4], "targetNames": ["Missy Flamecuffs", "Sissy Flamecuffs"]}]
It yields a result much like this:
[21:34:10.406] Amira Blazeweaver afflicted by Flash Freeze (1)
[21:34:10.406] Veesha Blazeweaver afflicted by Flash Freeze (2)
[21:34:19.546] Amira Blazeweaver's Flash Freeze fades (1')
[21:34:24.578] Veesha Blazeweaver's Flash Freeze fades (2')
[21:35:04.750] Amira Blazeweaver afflicted by Flash Freeze (3)
[21:35:04.750] Veesha Blazeweaver afflicted by Flash Freeze (4)
[21:35:13.828] Veesha Blazeweaver's Flash Freeze fades (4')
[21:35:14.859] Amira Blazeweaver's Flash Freeze fades (3')

Find the corresponding "afflicted by" and "fades" messages. I marked them with in the log above. Calculate the difference to find the duration.
Amira got freed in 9 sec (1-1') and 10 sec. (3-3')
Veesha got freed in 14 sec (2-2') and 9 sec. (4-4')

Biting Cold:
This ability is a stacking ability that causes more damage when players fail to move or do not stand close enough to a toasty fire. Biting Cold deals damage to each player in the raid, so one way of doing this would be checking the spell detail page of Biting Cold. It shows a nice breakdown of how much damage it did; the player on top of that list had probably the most stacks. It is however not certain that the top player kept stacking the Biting Cold debuf; therefore it would be good to be able to see how the stacks progressed.
Biting Cold is considered a debuff, but unfortunately the log does not show the stacks. How can we see what players are affected by this the most?
A combination of a log-query and a graph does the trick. First the query:

Code: Select all

[{"eventTypes": [1], "spellNames": ["Biting Cold"]}]
This query shows all events where the Biting Cold did damage. The more damage it did per event, the more stacks a player had. Now, let's create a graph to make this data easier to digest. Set the view to the "Damage Taken" graph. Now we make use of a little trick to add a filter to such graph.
Copy the filer and type "&query=" at the end of the Damage Taken webpage's address -do not yet press 'enter', we're not done yet! Paste the copied query. The URL should look like this:

Code: Select all

http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-9uEwLrGvluCd2vcF/sum/damageTaken/?s=8340&e=8532&query=[{"eventTypes": [1], "spellNames": ["Biting Cold"]}]
This makes the Biting Cold stacks visible, the higher the line- the more stacks that person had. If you show the graphs for each person in the raid, you will notice that some people took more risks and let stacks grow bigger, but eventually have taken less damage overall.

Falling ice:
The falling ice causes damage to the raid, the raid should be able to move out of it. To see the damage done by the falling ice, we can employ the same trick on the Damage Taken graph adding this query:

Code: Select all

[{"sourceNames": ["Icicle", "Snowpacked Icicle"]}]
This makes the damage done by the falling ice visible. Note that raiders able to avoid the falling ice will not show in this graph.

NPC abilities:
Mages: Toasty fire
These have two benefits. If keeps the raider safe from the Biting Cold debuff and it applies the Singed debuff to Hodir. The toasty fire effect is considered an aura and it can be tracked in the player's buff page- much like the "Flash Freeze" effect was made visible (see Flash Freeze- the quick way).
The Singed ability can be tracked as a debuff on Hodir. Select "Creatures->Bosses->Hodir" from the top menu and find the Singed debuff on the "Buffs gained" tab. The combatlog does track the stacks on Hodir so you can make it visible by clicking the hash-symbol (#). For a good fight Singed should be up for 25 stacks most of the time.

Shaman: Storm Power/Storm Cloud
The Storm Power buff (trackable as buff on a player) is a trackable buff per player. The Storm Power buff is caused by the Storm Cloud buff. On the Dashboard page, find "Storm Power" from the spell list and click it. The page that appears should have two columns "Source" and "Target". Now the source column, are the players who received the "Storm Cloud"; they are the ones able to spread the Storm Power, thus the higher the number the more people gained the buff from that player. The "Target" column shows the players whom receided the buff; the more often they received that buff, the more DPS they did.

Druids: Starlight
Unfortunately this does not show up in the combatlog, therefore there is no data to analyse.

Priest: Dispel
The Priests can dispel the Freeze effect; if the priests used this ability it will show up under Dispels on the Dashboard page.

Putting it all together, or How To Improve My Raid by Analysing the Logs?
First you should know the key mechanics of the fight and the tactics your raid uses. You should now be able to answer these questions:

- Are people avoiding getting frozen? Raiders should be able to avoid Bad Things[tm], getting frozen is a Bad Thing[tm].

- Are the NPCs freed quick enough? Keep in mind that the NPC-Mages can free other NPCs; try to strike a balance between DPS on Hodir and getting the most important NPCs out.

- Do people take much risk of getting Biting Cold? What people are not close to Toasty Fires so they can DPS more and move less?

- Is the Singed buff up for most of the time?

- Does the Storm Cloud buff reach enough people, is my raid doing enough effort to spread (or get) that important buff?
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Re: Example guide: Hodir

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Re: Example guide: Hodir

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This makes the Biting Cold stacks visible, the higher the line- the more stacks that person had. If you show the graphs for each person in the raid, you will notice that some people took more risks and let stacks grow bigger, but eventually have taken less damage overall.
The graph currently doesn't not represent the numbers. I asked about it before. viewtopic.php?f=3&t=760

Miles said the graphs are precalculated and won't match. Not sure if there's plans on changing that or not, but it's something you should know when you're looking at the graph.

Frozen blows and ice shards are also being shown in the graph. The chart is dead on. You can also get the same info, but without the bar graph, just by clicking "Biting Cold" on the dashboard.

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Re: Example guide: Hodir

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Yep, you're right, I missed that part.

The graphpage (the table not the line) is useful for queries that combine incoming damage; such as the "falling ice"and "snowpacked ice" in the Hodir fight.
Another example is Onyxia where she does multiple versions of the 'Breath' spell. To combine these spells make a query to check on the spell's name. If you use that query on the damage taken graph, the line still shows all damage but the table shows the correct values.