How The Recount On Wol is working ?!

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How The Recount On Wol is working ?!

Post by scoorp » Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:00 pm

Well , mainly i posted like 5 posts , i was doing like 25 k healing on some bosses on my recount on wow , but on the wol it says 15 k and 14 k , at the begining i thought it was about the activity , but on my last post kaai was doing 21 k on warmaster , and 100,3% active time , but on the wol it says 16 k !!!!! so just wana ask how it gose ?

Edit : on ultraxion i was doing 39k healing /s on recount , but on wol it is 34 k ! ... s=28&e=362
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Re: How The Recount On Wol is working ?!

Post by nipil » Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:34 pm

First, maybe if you could provide an actual link to a log, we could look into it.

By the way, does your in-game healing meter account for overhealing ? Because WoL does, by default, and only show and displays actual healing (with overhealing deduced). So if you were providing 25k of raw healing, but with 9k overhealing, then wol would show up the 16k=(25k-9k) you are referring to.

Then i'll go on with the usual disclaimer : Recount, skada, tinydps, and all the ingame addons all compute things differently, same for wol, which does it differently too, and very often in a "smarter" way. A major fact for difference is the fight bounding (ie start/end detection) between the different addons. Plus, don't forget there are two numbers provided by wol : HPS and HPS(e). HPS calculates average hps on the time you were active/alive, HPS(e) computes the average dps related to the full type duration. And for rankings, it's the HPS(e) which is (logically!) used.

PS: of course, absorbs are taken into account by WoL, and count towards healing done.

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Re: How The Recount On Wol is working ?!

Post by Maihem » Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:08 pm

Also, WoW tends to duplicate combat log lines, which often causes Recount, Skada and similar add-ons to show inflated numbers. Since this duplication rate can be extremely high for individual reports and fights, WoL tries to de-duplicate reports before calculating statistics. This can also cause discrepancies between Recount and WoL numbers. Note that when your report has a high line duplication rate, a notice will be shown on the dashboard page just below the graph and fights list.